Small Modular Reactor Technology, owned by WItkowitz Atomica a.s. from WITKOWITZ Group, is being developed by Czechatom Design Bureau.

DAVID is a Czech pressurized water small modular reactor (SMR) with a thermal output of 175MW (50 MWe).

The development of SMR technology promises an opportunity to increase energy security of the Czech Republic. A rapid change in the energy mix is accompanied by a need to rapidly find a specific technical solution for new energy sources. Therefore DAVID SMR based on the proven PWR technology, utilizing concepts well known by Czech nuclear experts.

Key Conceptual Advantages

The design is based on the principle of the patented vessel-in- vessel, which brings substantial positive operational, safety and financial effects. 1) The intermediate circuit between the primary (inner reactor vessel with integrated heat exchanger) and the secondary (horizontal steam generator) is a completely new security layer of nuclear devices.

2) The entire internal reactor vessel including the fuel inside could be transported to a dedicated hot chamber which can be shared between several sources that use DAVID reactor. Thus, many systems can be shared between several nuclear assets, which reduces the costs of building and operating below the level of all competing solutions.

3) The internal reactor vessel is the only part of the power plant exposed to radioactivity. This feature significantly increases the lifetime and safety of the power plant due to its mobility, replaceability, serviceability and controllability.

District Heating

The principle of nuclear sources using the DAVID reactor is ideal for decentralized energy production, therefore it is an optimal solution for zero-emission heating. In addition to the advantages of all SMR concepts in the heating industry, DAVID SMR adds the shared hot chamber for fuel exchange between several nuclear sources.


It is possible to scale-up the output of one power plant by combining more reactors at one location. The configuration of eight-reactors can provide an electrical output of up to 400 MW. The expected output is optimal for a replacement of the non-desired thermal power plants.

The main principle of the reactor is patented and verified by independent studies of the the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University and Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Other Czech and foreign institutions (including Ukrainian) are cooperating on the project in most aspects of scientific, design, construction and production challenges of the project. The number of involved institutions is rapidly increasing. The speed of the implementation depends on the current legislation and the support from the Czech state authorities, especially after the Basic Design is complete. DAVID SMR is a scientific-industrial project of the strategic importance to the Czech Republic.

Key Partners


Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering


Institute of Thermomechanics under Czech Academy of Sciences


Center for Reactor Core Design Ltd, department of Kharkiv State University / CRCD Czech branch (CRCD EU s.r.o.)